WordPress Meetup in Missoula

Hey, if you use WordPress to design websites (like we do), you might want to take advantage of the brilliant minds that congregate once a month to talk all things WordPress. Great info, warm camaraderie, and fascinating guest speakers. It’s a fun way to network and learn about this versatile platform. https://www.meetup.com/MontanaWordpress/?_cookie-check=t1vQ09J0aMgj_j1X

Graphic Design FAQ

The number one question is usually, “How much will my project cost?”
My hourly rate for layout or design is $75. The going professional rate in our area is anywhere from $60 to $125. (Note: If you’re paying your cousin’s ex-sister-in-law $20 an hour, she’s definitely not a pro. Expect disappointment.) I have very low overhead and also provide a lot of intangible benefits for a healthy amount of added value. My hourly shop rate (sign installation, fabrication, painting, etc.) is $50.

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