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WordPress Meetup in Missoula

Hey, if you use WordPress to design websites (like we do), you might want to take advantage of the brilliant minds that congregate once a month to talk all things WordPress. Great info, warm camaraderie, and fascinating guest speakers. It’s a fun way to network and learn about this versatile platform.

Graphic Design FAQ

The number one question is usually, “How much will my project cost?”
My hourly rate for layout or design is $75. The going professional rate in our area is anywhere from $60 to $125. (Note: If you’re paying your cousin’s ex-sister-in-law $20 an hour, she’s definitely not a pro. Expect disappointment.) I have very low overhead and also provide a lot of intangible benefits for a healthy amount of added value. My hourly shop rate (sign installation, fabrication, painting, etc.) is $50.

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