Imagine, if you will: only one person to contact for all your printing, sign, visual display and graphic design needs.

You need a brochure. You need a sign. You need vehicle graphics. Wait, first you need an eye-catching logo. Rounding up all these different projects would be a full time job. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing what you do?

That’s where Zephyr comes in. We know signs. We know print. We design and install vehicle graphics. And we’ve designed dozens of effective logos that show off the style and feel of the business. Whatever it is you need in the visual communications realm, we can handle for you.

When I say “we,” I’m using the royal “we.” The editorial “we.” I’m referring to my top-shelf network of sign shops, printers, and web developers I work with. I personally have over 30 years’ experience in printing and sign making, so I can offer a potent combination of creativity and production knowledge. My job is to make you look good, and I’ll make sure you get the best value on all your projects.

Call, text or email today to discuss your project. 406.550.3145 / Email

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WordPress Meetup in Missoula

Hey, if you use WordPress to design websites (like we do), you might want to take advantage of the brilliant minds that congregate once a month to talk all things WordPress. Great info, warm camaraderie, and fascinating guest speakers. It’s a fun way to network and learn about this versatile platform. https://www.meetup.com/MontanaWordpress/?_cookie-check=t1vQ09J0aMgj_j1X

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Graphic Design FAQ

The number one question is usually, “How much will my project cost?”
My hourly rate for layout or design is $75. The going professional rate in our area is anywhere from $60 to $125. (Note: If you’re paying your cousin’s ex-sister-in-law $20 an hour, she’s definitely not a pro. Expect disappointment.) I have very low overhead and also provide a lot of intangible benefits for a healthy amount of added value. My hourly shop rate (sign installation, fabrication, painting, etc.) is $50.

“Do you charge an hourly rate for logo design?”
Logos are priced out not on an hourly basis, but on their perceived value. A national company with great exposure could pay as much as $25,000 for a logo design. A local grocery store in Missoula might pay me $300 and two loaves of bread per week. The fee all depends on where and how much the logo will be used, and the size of the business that commissions it. Shoot me an email and I can give you a quick ballpark number.

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